Friday, August 2, 2013

Time Away

My room's sunrise view
At a very wise woman's urging (my dear mother), I am away for a couple days in my beloved Bayfield (Wisconsin). Change is on the horizon (the very near horizon), and it seems I needed some quiet reflection and relaxation time.

On Monday, I accept a promotion and begin working full-time. It feels a culmination of my career pursuits and a perfect fit for me. Yet, this life does not look the way I imagined. The way I dreamed. All this mixture of sweet and bitter things have come together to make up this life I share with my best girl.

And I feel filled with emotion. Gratitude. Grief. Hope.


  1. Your mother is SO wise! Best wishes on the new work schedule. Lots of love from our home to yours.

  2. Thinking about clay pots... and the Potter who decides what He is conforming us to be... and the enemy who prowls about seeking to devour/destroy the Potter's work... and a broken road that seems beyond repair... and of comfort in knowing that the Potter knows best and I am safe in His hands - and will embrace His design for me. Love you. And would love for you and your girl to come away here in Maine. Susan Blount

  3. Congratulations on your new job! Glad you are able to go get away . Refreshes the soul and such a beauty of God's creation you are not out of His sight! Love you sweet Emily, and Erika..Laura Heimer

  4. Emily,

    I hope you had a beautiful rest. It's Monday now, and I'm praying that you are energized by and glad of your new position at work. Much love and big hugs to you and Erika. Speaking of big hugs, next time I see you, whenever that will be, I wonder how it will be possible to put at least 23 years of missing you guys into one hug...

    Elizabeth H.