Friday, June 14, 2013


As I make plans for Chris' remains--his ashes--I have also been trying to prepare Erika for what will be happening when we bury the last earthly evidence of her daddy. And it seems she is taking it all in.

Yesterday in the car, she told me she was thinking about her daddy and when he could come back.

I told her, "Baby, remember that when someone's body dies, they can't come back. Daddy's soul is with Jesus. He will stay there. But we will see him again when our bodies die."

She wondered, "Mom, maybe our bodies will die soon? Will my body and your body die at the same time?"

"I don't know when, sweetheart. Only God knows. And our bodies probably won't die at the same time."

She hopefully disagreed. "Yeah, I think they will."

How painful it is to me that my daughter knows and understands the awful separation that death brings! She has had this separation with her daddy, and she surely doesn't want it again with her mommy.

And so I pray that God would redeem all this pain. That He would work in my girl in a very powerful way because of all of this loss. And I pray too, that her little heart would be spared--at least for a long time--any more painful separations.


  1. Prayers for Erika. May the Lord give her little spirit a peace about this...may He comfort as only He knows how and what she needs. He will not disappoint her. Her tears will be redeemed. Keep those hugs handy Momma. You are doing a GREAT job!

  2. You are in His everlasting love... and will need His comfort and strength as you go through the burial. Not easy. Love you. Susan

  3. Prayers for little Father's day approaches. Yet the Lord has given her so many God-fearing men in her life , as yours. Our Heavenly Father loves and cares for us with an everlasting love. Love you..Laura