Friday, May 24, 2013

Dream Come True

Last week, I met with a dear friend for a very long-awaited "play date." (I guess that's the term moms use when they get together and bring the kids.) We met at a park.
Erika & Ava

When we loaded our girls into their strollers for a walk around the small lake, I looked at the four of us. I was almost overcome. Was this for real? We looked like regular moms.
 And we are regular moms. With extraordinary stories.  You see, neither of us became moms in the "regular" way.

This friend is so dear to me partly because her heart understood mine--and mine hers. We ached for the pain of the other. And she has allowed her great pain to inform her ministry. She has eyes to see breaking hearts. And I love her dearly for it.

And so, there we were. A dream come true. Moms. With our sweet girls. Our great gifts.

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  1. Praise God-He has been gracious to both of you! a loving Heavenly Father who delights in giving us what we think we need or deserve. May we praise the Lord EVEN when he says no to things such as having a father or husband or children or a life without physical pain. His mercy and grace are just as good EVEN if He were to say no to those things. Learning to praise in the no's-sweet joy