Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Update

I decided today to post an update of sorts—how life is for my girl and me.
Easter was the first major holiday repeat—the second go-around without Chris. Several people told me they were praying for me. Thank you, my friends. It really was not bad at all. I feel in many ways that there are no more scary unknowns these days. Being done with the year of "firsts" is very relieving.
Drager Family—Easter 2013

Erika is getting smarter every day, and this week her mama got her enrolled in preschool for the fall at her daddy’s school!
Work is going so well for me. I don't talk much about it much on here, but I am continually amazed that I have the kind of job that excites and fulfills and provides.
Tax preparation made me a bit nervous this year, but all is quite well.
Our St. Paul house has been rented to a lovely couple.
I have knitting projects coming out of my ears. (Good thing for that job to finance my hobby!) Maybe soon I will post some pictures of some of my recent projects.
Last Friday, I rejoiced with my dear friend and her two best people (her husband and sweet baby) on the adoption day of that little one.
And... Spring truly DOES seem to be coming, despite its late start.
Life is sweetly blessed.

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