Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Great Gift

Today is Erika's special day. It's her adoption day! Three years ago, our little family of three drove to the Ramsey County courthouse for our long-awaited certificate of adoption. After we satisfactorily answered a series of questions, the judge signed that document. The one that made Erika forever ours.

That certificate made official what we felt in our hearts since the day her dear, pregnant birth motherwith her swollen belly against metold me, "You're her mom."

Today I celebrate my sweet girl and the unique and beautiful way she came to us. I celebrate her birth mother too, whose unfathomable sacrifice has resulted in my greatest of gifts. Oh, I wish her daddy were here to celebrate with me!

I tell Erika often that she is my GREAT GIFT. Last night she asked, "Like a present?" Yes, Baby, like a present.

Erika, here are some pictures from your precious first year. I am overjoyed and forever grateful that "I get to be the one."


  1. Yup, I made it through the first chorus. sort of.

  2. Thank you. This is so, so beautiful. Today we will celebrate with you!

  3. That is so beautiful..thank you for sharing Emily..celebration with you!!