Sunday, March 3, 2013


Chris would have been 42 years old today. Wish I could celebrate with him. Instead, I'm wrapping up a fantasic vacation in sunny Arizona. Without him, though. He loved it here—hot and dry—and have I missed him very much.

I've entered my second year without him... I've already not celebrated a birthday with him. This feels strange, yet a bit relieving I suppose.

Happy birthday, Chris.

The last birthday I celebrated with Chrishis 40th (2011)

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  1. Dear Emily,

    A mystery that Emilie and I have often pondered is the transience of (all) relationships. Why was he or she (or they) brought into our lives, and why taken away from us? And perhaps that is such a self-centered way of looking at the nature of being. As one very wise counselor I know says, "Every change is a sort of death"; perhaps to remind us of the inevitability of our own deaths?

    So perhaps we are made so that we sorrow at long-term or permanent separations (even in this life) lest we imagine that this life can end in anything but sorrow for someone else, even if joy unimagined for us. And that too may remind us that someday we will be where sorrow, sighing, tears, and death itself are no more. "Death, thou too shalt die!" (Donne)

    Best wishes always.