Friday, January 4, 2013


I find myself floating somewhere between overwhelming sadness and exciting hope about this new year. Sometimes it seems impossible to go on. To take the next step. To walk this painfully lonely path. And at other times, I wonder what this new year will bring. What adventures and new things or people will this year bring for me? For Erika? 

But today it seems too much to look forward to--or to dread. 

And so, I do (as Elizabeth Elliot admonishes) THE NEXT THING. I have my coffee with my quiet time. I get Erika breakfast. I shower. I read to her and find ways to fill our morning. I make lunch. I go into work for a bit. I pick up dinner. I thank my mom for being my right hand. And then I try to get eight hours of sleep.

Much like many of you. 

I made no resolutions this year. Except perhaps this: to keep doing the next thing and to stay faithful. To my God. To my daughter. To my family and friends. 

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  1. This has been the overwhelming journey God has taken me on as well. As He has tenderly & faithfully spoken truth to my heart, my heart has begun to sing in return. "Yes Sweet Jesus, I will be faithful in this moment. May my life be a reflection of you. "
    Dear Emily, as you have walked this road of grief, my heart has seen Him reflected in you. Thank you for your faithfulness.