Friday, December 14, 2012

Chili, Robbery & Hope

Tonight is my parents' annual Christmas chili party (the guest list is different every year, so don't be offended if you're not on it this year!). Last year on this weekend, I was in a very dark spot. Chris taught his very last day (December 16th) at school. He was declining quickly. We barely made it out the door for the party amidst all his pain. And not two steps in the door at Mom and Dad's, our neighbors called.

Someone had broken into our house. Came in through the kitchen. Rifled through the desk, the medicine cabinet, and every drawer in my dresser. Did not seem to set foot in Erika's room. We turned around and went back to the house to survey the damage and talk to police.

Chris' wedding ring (which he was not wearing since it no longer fit him due to his significant weight loss), a flash drive, an ipod, my decoy jewelry box (yes, it was my own idea and it worked--sort of proud of that), and all of Chris' narcotics for pain. Gone. It felt like insult added to injury. Lord, we need this too? How much more can we take?

We took this at the chili party last year...I don't much like it. Chris looks so very ill
 And then, he started hospice care on December 21st.

People are worried about me this Christmas. My first without Chris. But, my spot is not nearly so dark as it was last year. Sure, I'm a bit worried about how all the festivities will go without that third member of our family. But, last year we had a very dark cloud hanging over us. We knew it would be his last Christmas, and he was absolutely miserable and in pain through all of the events. It was no celebration at all. It was deep, deep grief.

This year, there are twinges and aches and missing. But there is healing and hope.


  1. Beautiful sister, thanks for sharing. Love you and continued prayer for that healing and hope to show itself every day.

  2. You inspire me!! Thank you so much. My Christmas letter is on its way. Love you! Susan

  3. Emily it is encouraging to watch how the Lord is working in you and how he is using you to be a encouragement and blessing to all of us. May the Lord continue to be your strength through out the New Year.