Friday, November 23, 2012

Kipper Party

Erika wanted a Kipper party for her third birthday... Kipper is an adorable British dog who has all kinds of sweet and innocent adventures. Rather obscure though; and when you go to the party supply place, there are no Kipper-themed party supplies. But, I gave it my best shot. And I think she approved. We were surrounded by all of our people, and it was a great night.

my sweet friend Amy made this for my girl



  1. So sweet! Those pictures are priceless

  2. So sweet! What great pictures. Erika looks so happy.

  3. Looks like Erika had a great birthday! :)
    Kipper is the cutest! He was my favorite when I was around Erika's age. :)

  4. Absolutely loved Kipper for my kids when they were little. What a sweet party! Bravo Mom and friends. :)

  5. Emily,
    I just figured out how to comment on your posts! I didn't realize we could comment until I saw Ronna Johnson last Sat and she told me it was possible. Glad she told me!
    So happy to see you beginning to enjoy life again! I had the pleasure of seeing Erika at a soccer game this fall.....I agree....she is one very bright and talkative girl! What joy for you.
    Conitnuing to pray for all of you.
    Much love,
    Rebekah Hagstrom