Friday, October 26, 2012

Promised Pictures

Just today I received these from the one and only Emily Steffen, my sweet friend and founder of the Knitch. I just had to show them to you, as they capture the essence of our weekend.


Do you feel a bit like you were there with us? Laughter, fantastic food/drink, beautiful surroundings, yarn, and incredible friends. Thank you Emily, for capturing our time together so perfectly and beautifully. To my knitch girls... I could not have walked this grief journey without you. Much love!

our talented photographer, Emily Steffen


  1. Hooray! Love these! ALL of these. Thanks for posting these and taking these Emilys! My rain boots are REALLY styling :) We love you and are honored to walk this grief journey by your side.

  2. I love that place! i'm so glad you got to have a fun getaway. It's sooo beautiful there isn't it(: Good job on the knitting, they looked great. It was good to see you on Sunday! (:
    Love, mattea