Friday, October 19, 2012

Boat or Ark?

I was straightening up the house. Erika was flipping through her picture Bible. Looking at Noah's ark, she said, "It's not a boat—it's an ark. It's kinda like a boat, but it doesn't have a rudder. It's a box." Do you think she learned that from her mom? Nope.

Her Daddy told her that. We have a video on my phone of him telling her that very thing—word-for-word. The picture Bible they were reading together tells little ones that Noah built a boat. Chris needed her to know otherwise. And she's got it. I’m pretty sure she's ready to teach this one in Sunday School.

How grateful I am for those little video clips that allow her to learn from her daddy—even now. At the risk of sounding deeply depressing, will you allow me to encourage parents of little ones to do this often? The future is uncertain. As Erika watches, she is combining her young memories with what she sees and hears; and she knows her Dad. She learns from him. She remembers him.

When she watches these little videos, she smiles. I imagine she feels a bit like she is with Daddy. She lets me know when she needs a fix, and we cuddle up together and watch the little screen. I with tears. She with a soft, sweet smile.

Picture 044


  1. Love this picture! Thanks for the encouragement to teach my children always. Blessings on your day Emily.

  2. Emily,

    Let me introduce myself... I am Andrea and a friend of Jeff and Jodi. We've been following your journey and praying diligently for you, Erika, and Chris along the way. I just had to comment on this post; you see my dad died suddenly and totally unexpectedly when I was 17. I wish so much that I had video of him, or even more pictures (he wasn't much into that and we didn't own a video camera), but instead I cling to a few cassette tapes with his very brief voice on when I was little and one his phone message greeting from his job (not very exciting, but it's what I've got to work with). We actually moved recently and I dug them out again to get a digital copy made of these treasures. It has been 16 years and I sometimes forget what his voice sounded like, and I don't like that. We truly have no idea what tomorrow holds and I don't think it depressing in the slightest to think about how our lives are but a vapor on this Earth and that God has truly numbered our days. I guess when death has touched you very personally and deeply you have a unique perspective. I will continue to pray for you and sweet Erika as the Lord prompts me to.

    In Love,